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__chimaera__'s graphics
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I proudly announce you that I at last managed to make the 50 Tetsu-icons I had to. shamefully, I had to extend my claim, but the results are the most important. 'kay, no more unnecessary babbling, let's see my completed challenge! (TETSU ♥)

yellow-fussy corruptionCollapse )
credit is a must, as you already know. and please, also tell me which are your favourites. thanks for checking. :)
14th-May-2007 03:40 pm - 50 tetsu icons for jrock_50 [challenge, jrock50, tetsu]
Causes? This time I'm doing a challenge what is definately not a private thing, and I want people to see it. My subject is Tetsu from Merry this time, because I can easily make icons with him. (Further explanation: one of my dearest friends really likes him, and with this, I wanted to make her happy.)

JOIN OR NOT, you can see this particular entry.

The challenge is not completed yet; I'm going to edit the entry as I progress.

credit is a must!
29th-Apr-2007 08:17 pm - note - fixed userinfo [userinfo]
I've finally beaten my laziness and managed to make a proper usernfo. It's shiny and new, dear members and outsiders, check it out! ^o^ (I know I have only 12 members, but that's a lot to me already. ♥) Of course, it features our lovely Gara, to match the layout.
21st-Apr-2007 07:20 pm - first post! [first post]

Okay, how could I start properly...
Well, I finally made a decent layout. Which I like a lot. So it's time to revive one of my half-dead intentions: start a graphic journal!
I make quite a lot avatars, and basically every day, but I don't use the majority of them; I just make them to have some fun, not to be bored. Submitting those is the best way to make them useful, and LJ is a great place to distribute selfmade stuff.
I've said enough now, the icons & all the other goods are more important. :)

(note: the journal is set to friends only, but don't be scared. it's just because I wanna see & know how many people are interested in my stuff. ^^")
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